The RPG Foundation (RPGF) established in 1995 aims to carry on through academic leadership, scholarship, hard work, patient research and equal educational opportunities, the same impact as how public and private organizations impact upon the daily lives of the common people. The Foundation is not just a legal fiction created by law. It is am embodiment of what RPG means in its efforts to promote meaningful REFORMS, effective PERFORMANCE, and caring responsible GOVERNANCE in the social order. This is necessary in attaining meaningful PUBLIC SERVICE, which has been the life-long passion of its founder, Dr. RAUL P. De GUZMAN. Dr. de Guzman firmly believes in the statement:

     “Education is the fundamental link to national progress. It is the key to liberate people from poverty and enable them to fully utilize their human faculties to contribute most effectively to the economic and social development of society.” (Education and Manpower Development)

     The RPGF is affiliated with several foundations, which it supports in different capacities. It is the objective of the foundation to help solicit funds to fund the programs of these foundations as well as its own that relates to educational development and formation. The foundations that benefit from the RPG Foundation are the San Nicolas Gapan Foundation, Muslim Youth Foundation, Aphasia Foundation and the Pan Xenia Foundation.


Due to the lack of family and personal resources, a lot of very talented and promising students have a difficulty continuing their education.

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The RPG Foundation plans to continue to provide scholarship grants with stipends for their basic living allowance to students in College, Masteral and Doctorate level.

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